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grabs images & videos

from a range of social networks

and displays them in a feed, right where you want them

Who uses it?

Here are some people that have used AwesomeWall, the predecessor InstaWall, or its sister project

Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?

We’ve spent months working on the most awesome system. Whilst we can’t tell you all the secrets, we can tell you there are actual unicorns being used somewhere in Atlantis to power this badboy*. Simply let us have access to the place you want the AwesomeWall and we'll power it with our machines and code.

What can it be used for?

Anything with a screen! Ok, maybe not *anything* but most display screens. It’s been used on 50 foot screens, standard computer displays, websites, facebook pages, and even mobile phones. If you've got something that can access the internet, we can make it work.

Check out our events package here.

Hey guys, check this out! My fucking photo, is on their fucking website! How fucking cool is that!

Why would I want an AwesomeWall?

Do you have users or customers that take photos or videos of something relevant to your product, service or you? AwesomeWall collects all of this media and displays it in one stream. Perhaps you want to run a photo competition, or you simply want to get people to submit photos and share content.

Maybe you have fans that would love to see their pictures “officially” associated with your brand or product?

Oooo, but isn’t using user generated content dangerous?

So, we have two flavours of moderation for you.

Are you thinking that the Russian spies are after you? You probably want to premoderate images before they appear. No worries, we got that bagged and tagged.

Perhaps, you couldn’t care less what people upload as long as they are uploading. Well you, my friend, want the standard AwesomeWall moderation, where you can simply remove an image from the stream. Oooo baby.

How quotes work

We know that in today's social media centric world, all brands and companies have a finger firmly stuck in the digital pie. But we also appreciate that different companies have different budgets. Some companies might be running a huge social media campaign and will have very different expectations and requirements to, say, a smaller brand or charity working on a much tighter budget.

Simply let us know what your rough budget is and what you want to use for and we'll let you know
if it's something we can take on.

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